Conference Announcement

Following the success of the 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 editions we are proud to announce the organization of the 2021 International Young Engineers Forum on Electrical and Computer Engineering – YEF-ECE 2021.

Electrical engineers apply electrical and electronic theory to obtain solutions for problems related to the development, design and operation of electrical hardware and software, control systems, electrical machines and communications systems. Computer engineers are concerned with the design, development, and implementation of new and challenging computer technology in a myriad of consumer, industrial, commercial, and military applications. Besides development, design, operations, and research, electrical and computers engineers are typically involved in the manufacture, installation, and maintenance of computational devices, electrical and electronic equipment and systems employed by a wide variety of organizations which produce, use or provide services to such equipment, and ranging from tiny electronic devices to large complex systems.

The 2021 International Young Engineers Forum combines the latest developments and applied research in electrical and computer engineering, dealing with systems’ design and utilization, looking forward to efficient devices and systems with appropriate control algorithms to meet the needs of business and industry in a global economy. This event will be a unique opportunity for young engineers to connect with each other enabling experience’s sharing and to become internationally active.

This event is hosted by the Electrical Engineering Department of the Faculty of Sciences and Technology of Nova University of Lisbon (Portugal) and will provide an excellent forum for young engineers to present their work to a new audience and discuss future trends of their profession.

Young engineers / graduating MSc students are encouraged to submit manuscripts with their latest innovative developments in Electrical and Computer Engineering, based on their MSc theses or early career projects. Each submitted paper shall be jointly co-authored by a young engineer and his/her supervisor or mentor. The International Young Engineers Forum’s Program Committee will review all submitted full papers and will select the best for presentation based on their innovative and original contribution.

The 2021 edition will be organized in association with the 12th edition of the DoCEIS 2021 ( conference. However, and considering the actual COVID-19 pandemic state, the event will conducted in a virtualized (on-line), but still interactive way. The considered registration fees already take into consideration the on-line feature of the event. The organizing committee hopes that 2022 edition will return to a presential event.