CPE2015 - Conference Announcement

In the field of electrical engineering, power electronics is being dynamically developed, finding its application in several industrial branches. Many production technologies became more efficient, when applying power electronics equipment. Power electronics and energy systems integration provide high standards of human friendly environment. The next generation of power electronics systems must change environmental factors, customer concerns and reliability.

Conference CPE 2015 – June, 24-26 (2015) – will be an international wide forum for researchers, practitioners and postgraduate students to exchange new ideas and experiences in the area of power electronics application to different systems.

All papers presented during the conference will be submitted to IEEE Xplore.

Main Topics

CT1: Power Quality, Alternative Energy and Distributed Systems
General power quality problems and measurements. Distribution networks. Distributed generation. Reliability and economics. Hybrid energy systems. Energy storages. Fuel cell.

CT2: Power Electronics Controllers for Power Systems
FACTS and HVDC. Grid interfaces. Filters and compensators. Custom power devices. UPS. Active power quality controllers. Voltage restorers. UPQC.

CT3: Electro-Mechanical Energy Conversion
Unconventional motors and generators. Motor drives. Variable and constant speed generators. Power electronics converters for drives and generators. Motion control. Modulation techniques. Energy saving and compatibility of electrical drives and generators.

CT4: EMI and ESI Problems
General problems. EMC standardization. Measurements and computation- property of the power electronics circuits. EMC improvement with new materials and elements, systems construction and protection.

CT5: Special Power Electronic Systems and Applications
Unconventional power electronics converters. Automotive, avionics and maritime applications. Military technology.

Keynote Speakers: 
Kamal Al-Haddad (Ecole de Technologie Superieure, Montreal, Canada)
Mariusz Malinowski (Warsaw University of Technology, Warsaw, Poland)
Fernando Silva (Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisboa, Portugal) . 

Conference Location: 
The Conference will be held in Caparica, Lisbon. Lisbon, the capital of Portugal with a population of one million inhabitants, is a modern city, which has a lot to offer both in terms of history, culture and social life. It stands on the westernmost point of land of the European continent, where the Tagus river flows into the Atlantic Ocean. Its Atlantic climate, with some Mediterranean influences, is probably the mildest of all European capitals.