Conference Venue

The conference will be held in the Auditorium Leopoldo Guimarães (CENIMAT), of the Faculty of Science and Technology of Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, Campus da Caparica.

From Lisbon Airport by public transportation (metro + train + metro):

Transfers: 3
Duration: 1h24m
Price: 5,35 €
Distance: 24752 m
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From Lisbon Airport by taxi:

Taxi fare from the airport is about €30–€40. During non-rush hour, the taxi ride will take about 15 minutes. During rush hour, the ride could take 30 minutes or more.

From Hotel Vip Berna (train + metro):

Transfers: 1
Duration: 1h00m
Price: 2,70 €
Distance: 13679 m
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From Hotel Corinthia (train + metro):

Transfers: 1
Duration: 0h55m
Price: 2,70 €
Distance: 12298 m
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From Hotel Ever Caparica (bus):

Transfers: 0
Duration: 0h42m
Price: 2,70 €
Distance: 7244 m
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