a.DIVERSITY [H2020-FoF-2015-636692]

Cloud Manufacturing and Social Software Based Context Sensitive Product-Service Engineering Environment for Globally Distributed Enterprise

DIVERSITY aims at developing a new cloud-based engineering environment to support enterprises in managing their multi-directional exchange of knowledge and dynamic and real time feedback loops both internally and across the value chain.

b. LifeSaver Project [FP7-ICT-2011-287652]

Context Sensitive Monitoring of Energy Consumption to Support Energy Savings and Emissions Trading in Industry

Project LifeSaver aims at supporting manufacturing companies in optimising the energy performance of their operations. This support will be in the form of a set of ICT building blocks that combine context awareness, ambient intelligence monitoring and standard energy consumption data measurement.

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c. EnPROVE Project [FP7-ICT-2009-248061]

Energy Consumption Prediction with Building Usage Measurements for Software-Based Decision Support

The objective of EnPROVE project is to develop a software platform for predicting the energy consumption of a specific building, with different scenarios implementing energy-efficient technologies and control solutions based on actual measured performance and usage data of the building itself.

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d. K-NET Project [FP7-ICT-2007-215584]

Services for Context Sensitive Enhancing of Knowledge in Networked Enterprise

The objective of K-NET Project is to explore the fundamental problem: how different services to manage social interactions in a networked enterprise can be used to enhance knowledge and knowledge management (KM) services.

e. InLife Project [FP6-NMP2-CT-2005-517018]

Integrated Ambient Intelligence and Knowledge Based Services for Optimal Life-Cycle Impact of Complex Manufacturing and Assembly Lines

InLife Project explores how a combination of advanced Ambient Intelligence (AmI) and Knowledge Management (KM) technologies can be used to assure a sustainable and safe use of manufacturing and assembly lines (MAL) and their infrastructure over their life-cycle.

f. InAmI Project [FP6-2004-IST-NMP-2-16788]

Innovative Ambient Intelligence Based Services to Support Life-Cycle Management of Assembly and Manufacturing Systems

InAmI Project explores how a combination of existing technologies, namely ambient intelligence and semantic-based knowledge management, can promote collaboration to support industrial installations and manufactured products. 

g. FLOW Project [POSC/EEA-SRI/61188/2004]

Advanced Control of Processes with Transport Phenomena

The FLOW project aims the development of Advanced Non-Linear and Adaptive Control methodologies for distributed parameter systems with transport phenomena. These methods are to be applied in different case studies such as