Rui Neves-Silva has attended the H2020 Energy Infoday, Brussels , 5 Dec 2013

The launch of the new research and innovation work programmes from Horizon 2020 framework programme will happen in the next few days. This Infoday is dedicated to explain the details that are many times the success key for a good proposal. The group on Intelligent Control and Decision Support Systems is actively pursuing all opportunities to develop new projects following up the results of previous projects, specially EnPROVE and LifeSaver projects. 

On December 6, there is a brokerage event for partners finding and networking. 

Rui Neves-Silva has presented H2020 project ideas at ICT 2013, Vilnius, 8 Nov 2013

Rui Neves-Silva has presented some ideas on possible ways to go on ICT for Energy Efficiency, in the scope of Horizon 2020.

More info:

ict4ee-vilnius-uninova.pdf670.99 KB

Rui Neves-Silva has presented the work Non Linear Control of a Distributed Solar Field at ICRERA'13, Madrid, 21-23 Oct 2013

This work is concerned with temperature PID control with gain scheduling in a solar power plant. The control solution is driven by the characteristics of the process and the scheduling variable is obtained directly from the accessible disturbances and reference value. The PID parameters are tuned for an intermediate operating point and then extrapolated for all operating range based on the physics of the plant. The known dependency with the flow guarantees that the time constants and incremental gain varies monotonically with the operating point.

icrera13-solar-rns.pdf1.21 MB

LifeSaver's General Meeting in Bremen

Project LifeSaver will have its next General Meeting at partner ATB in Bremen.

The consortium has recently finalised the LifeSaver concept and the fundamental methodologies are being developed in the scope of WP2.